Finding the Perfect “Pad”

If you’re new to the sea of college life you’re probably finding out pretty quickly just what it means to be broke with no credit history and expected to quickly make a load of decisions you have no idea how to decide on. First of all, don’t panic. This is totally normal. Second, when it comes to finding your perfect “pad” or just a place to crash when the papers are turned in, there are websites now that are making this 100X easier for all of us and of course we hope this article helps you, too. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Ready to search? Let’s get on it!


Evaluate the Budget. Your Budget.


That’s right. You don’t want to get more room/house/apartment than you can afford. Make sure you weigh out all of the costs and benefits as well as making sure you’re not going to be expected to pay down more than you can manage. Don’t just look at rent rates, either. Consider other bills you might not think about now but that will most certainly crop up later. Things life insurance, phone bills, gas, groceries. Weigh it all out and evaluate carefully and you’ll save yourself a lot of mess later. And money, too.


The Timing Matters


An important thing to remember when it comes to finding the perfect place to crash over the school year is that good deals absolutely don’t last. Start looking months before you need to actually move in, and you’ll end up with a significantly better setup, better pricing and maybe even better roommates.


Requirements = Strings Attached


Remember. There’s never a renting deal that doesn’t have SOME form of requirements. It’s doubtful you’ll ever hear of a rental agreement where a security deposit isn’t a thing. Bring someone along with you when you’re getting a tour or just talking it over to make notes for you and ask plenty of questions about what will be required. If you’re an undergraduate will you need a cosigner? What stipulations might exist with the rental agreement? Will appliances be provided? Just remember that the more questions you ask, the more peace of mind you’ll have and the faster you can feel at home in your new place.

Finding a rental agreement that works for you can be difficult, but you can make it a little less so depending on how you handle it. As long as you start looking early, ask questions and evaluate your budget carefully, you’ll be well on your way to a masters in apartment hunting in no time. Enjoy!