Three Jobs for Upcoming Summer Break

In grade school and up through High school, it’s no secret that summer is for having a blast with friends and forgetting school exists. But when you’re in college, you’ll want to have a job so that you can cover expenses and the movies and other things you want to do with your friends. To help you decide how you can spend your time productively, here are three summer jobs you won’t want to pass up.


Whip out the sunscreen and head to the pool! Being a lifeguard, if you know how to swim well can be very rewarding and you can make a couple extra bucks while meeting new friends and getting that tan you’ve always wanted. Being a lifeguard can bring with it incredible life skills too, like improved teamwork and the development of leadership skills.

Landscaping Assistant

Landscaping can be rewarding as a summer job for more than just building your work ethic and getting a fabulous tan. Spend time landscaping and “being one with nature” as you learn all about the business and build your life skills. Plus, by being a landscape assistant you get to learn all about the different plants and shrubs and things.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is not only a great job if you love pets and love the outdoors, it’s also great if you love people! You can experience dogs and their owners from all walks of life and reap all of the many health benefits that come with choosing dog walking for a summer job. Regular walking is vital to the life of a pet and yourself. Why not combine the two and make money while doing it??

Yes, there are lots of ways you can spend your summer. Whether with a book or rolling in the fast cash thanks to your new job, we’re sure this summer is going to be the best yet. Enjoy!