Making the Most of Summer Vacation

When it comes to Summer Vacation, it doesn’t seem like there’s ever enough time to do everything you want to accomplish. Are you looking to help your community and just have fun this summer, but not sure what to spend your time doing? We’ve compiled some ideas for making the most of your summer vacation so that you never miss out on the great opportunities that vacation will bring along with it.


From camp counselor positions to summer internships, volunteering for the better of the community and the world is always a fantastic way to spend the summer vacation. If you love art, music, and dance, there are all kinds of summer festivals and concert series that need volunteer help. And plus, don’t forget how wonderful it feels to help other people out and get the warm and fuzzies.

Read, Read, Read

Reading is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to expand your knowledge and build brainpower. You could read the great works of literature, but even well-written science fiction, adventure, or mystery novels are better than just browsing the Web. Your local public library will have a list of recommended summer reading you can spend time on, or just browse for things similar. Many libraries even have e-book lending programs now, so you can take your book with you on a tablet, e-reader, or phone. If you’re looking for something a little more personal, stop in to your library and ask a librarian for their suggestions based on books you already love. You’ll get a more personal experience and also make their day.

Learn Something New

Maybe you’d like to spend your summer learning something new and exciting or a life skill you can definitely make use of later. If you’re a type to Do Everything Yourself, Youtube and Google can be an incredible resource for anything and everything you wish to learn. If you’re more artistically inclined, music lessons and drawing can be an excellent skill to focus on, and who knows but that you’ll make some money on your venture!

Don’t spend your summer waiting around for school to start! Get up and get moving, because there’s a whole world outside just waiting to be enjoyed and found out. What will you spend your time doing today?