Tips for Living With Roommates

It’s time to move into the new digs for the year but you’re nervous about moving in with a roommate? No sweat. We’ve all been there and there’s some great information and tips for getting past those first awkward, scary and hilarious moments that’ll make or break the next several years you’ll presumably spend together. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Communicate Like Crazy

If you want to avoid hating each other, you’ll want to know both the likes and dislikes of your roommate and they’ll want to know yours. If there’s something your new roommate does that just makes your blood boil, talk it out. Letting things fester is a recipe for disaster and will end up starting a war, trust me. And the worst kinds of wars are wars between roommates who basically have to share everything. It sounds cliche, but communication is totally the key to successful roommate fun.

Don’t Force a Friendship

One of the worst things you can do when you’re moving in with your new roommate is just automatically assume right out of the gate that you’ve found your best friend and total soulmate. Sorry, but for most people, this just isn’t the case. Don’t force a friendship that isn’t meant to be and you’ll be a lot better off. However, it is totally alright to make the most of things and if you’re lucky, you just might end up with your soulmate for a roommate. Who knows?

Give Each Other Room to Breathe

When you’re living with your best friend, it’s easy to feel like you have to do everything together. The same can be true of roommates, but don’t smother each other. You’ve got plenty of time to do cool stuff, so give each other room to breathe and time to be alone! Nobody likes a roommate that sticks to them like a bandaid. Go out and do your own thing and you’ll be really glad you did.

Be There For Each Other

Your roommate is most likely the person you’ll see and spend the most time with, which means you’ll probably also vent to each other, cry on each others, scream at each other and know when one of you needs a hug. So don’t forget to be there for your roommate. Just remember that your roommate is not your therapist. If you forget this, your roommate might hate you. Just kidding. But seriously.

When it comes to having a roommate, it can be hard to know what to think or do or even say on those first couple days and even the first couple weeks you’re together. But don’t worry. With the right ground rules, you’ll be pillow fighting, laughing and having a blast in no time.