Decorating Your Dorm on a Budget

If we all had our dream dorm, we’d probably be spending every cent we’ve ever been given and ever made, right? Perhaps even more. But the real deal is that when you don’t have the money, decorating your dorm the way you want seems impossible. Today, I’m going to give you some pointers on how to decorate your dorm room without breaking the bank. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Simplicity Is Key

We all know how easy it is to walk through a store and dump a load of unnecessary items into the cart, onto the belt, into the car and then into our dorm. But that’s what makes those items so useless and such a waste of money. They’re unnecessary! Keeping drawers, desks and shelves clutter free is a must if you plan on keeping things simple, modern and cool. Besides, clutter leads to stress! Simplistic style means your dorm is easier to clean, too. Besides, who has time to clean up a cluttered mess? I certainly don't!


DIY? It’s a Thing.

Pinterest is chock full of ideas for cool accent walls full of pictures, spray painted lamp shades, boxes and chairs, neat custom lamps and more. Why pay more cash when you can DIY and make your space more authentically your own?


Pick Your Team Color {Scheme}

Every dorm room has its own look and yours should be just like you and your potential roommates. Plan ahead. Each of you can pick accenting colors or pick one color and different shades that blend. Get a color wheel and have at it!


Thank You Online Shopping

Places like Amazon have made it less expensive and more convenient than ever to find room decor and wall prints at cheaper prices than most walk-in retail stores. Yes, it can be difficult to compare colors online, but when it’s delivered right to your door at a great price; that can’t be beat!

Decorating your dorm on a budget and making the space your own is an adventure and an experience you’ll never forget. Are you ready to make your dorm a place where you can crash? Party? Study until the wee hours of the morning? It’s time to make it happen!