Homesick College Student Care Package Ideas For Parents


Sending your child off to college is perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching things a parent has to go through when it comes to their kids. You’ve been at every graduation, every dance recital, every science fair, and now they’re headed off on their own to get an education and for the very first time, you won’t be able to be there with them every step of the way. Thankfully, there’s a way to show your college student how much you love them even when they’re far away amongst new faces, and that is the wonderful gift of a care package. If you’re falling short on ideas about what to put in a care package, this article is for you.


For a Homesick Student



If your student is especially homesick, sending a care package full of familiar things can both bring comfort and help them make some new friends. These things might include homemade goodies (be sure to pack enough for them to share!), their favorite snacks, a poster for the wall of a landmark from home, or a drawing from a younger sibling. If they are used to the house smelling a certain way, you can find a candle or air freshener in their favorite scent and surprise them with a great smelling dorm at the end of a long day!



Cold and Flu Season Packages



Unfortunately, It’s pretty much impossible to avoid getting sick at college. Especially during cold and flu season. Just in case your college student catches the sniffles, consider sending along some microwaveable chicken soup, Tylenol or Sudafed, a box of Kleenex, cough drops and even some powdered energy drinks that dissolve in water. Though we don’t even like to even think about our kids being sick, they’re going to be so grateful that you sent it along and you can rest easy knowing they’ll be well taken care of. Even when you can’t be there.


Sending your child to college is one of the most difficult things in the world. Thankfully, sending along a care package gives you the opportunity to share a bit of home and a bit of love with your college student. Even when they’re far away. If you’re short on ideas, consider throwing in some gift cards to local restaurants and coffee shops. What about game tickets to the next big local game? If your student likes movies, throw in some tickets to a movie and nail polish for your girls and razors for your guys. If it’s cold out, maybe a new sweater or gloves. Just think of a care package as a way of boxing up a little home for your student while they’re away. They’ll be so glad to have all of the wonderful things you send and they’ll be even more grateful that they have you to count on for keeping them going even when things get tough.